A picture(s) can tell a story…

THE SCENE: As many of you may know or have heard the Northeastern part of the United States was hit hard by a blizzard going by the name Nemo.  Apparently we are naming snowstorms as well as hurricanes and topical depressions.  Anyway, here in the Boston area around 27 inches of snow fell as people were told to stay in there homes until a transportation ban was lifted on Saturday, February 9th at 4pm EST. However, when the snow stopped and the sun start to ever so slightly shine people poured out into the street to see what happened.  These seven pictures tell a digital story of what saw after the storm. 


Top Left Pic:  My wife and I smiling for the patented long arm.  It sure was fun enjoying the sights and sounds after the storm.

Middle Left Pic: A sidewalk completely covered in snow.  There was so much snow people had to walk in the once busy streets.

Bottom Left Pic: The side of an apartment building with ivy covered in snow.  It was amazing to see how the snow blanketed over everything and stuck to everything else.

Top Right Pic: A parking meter barely high enough to be seen.  What you don’t see is the four feet of snow between the meter and the street.  Don’t think anyone will be putting in quarters anytime soon. 

1st Middle Right Pic: Some where in there you’ll see our car.  All that is showing is the rear view mirror and the windshield wipers pointing to the sky.  Can’t wait to get my workout in digging this car out.

2nd Middle Right Pic: A cross-country skier on the main street of the city.  It was interesting to see how people took to the situation and even in the snow you have a fast lane. 

Bottom Right Pic: A bobcat construction vehicle equipment with a snow plow.  This is when it hit you; this was one big storm.

4 thoughts on “A picture(s) can tell a story…

  1. Amazing pictures, it would be fun to go back in the Spring/summer and take the same shots. The one of the submerged car is boggling!

    I might quibble though- I do not necessarily buy the line that pictures tell a story.

    You do. You were part of the picture taking, you did the arrangement, the editing, the extra narration. Stories do not arise solely from media, they are in between us and media. They are also in how I relate to them through my own lens of experience in snow or curiosity if I were some pacific islander who never saw it before.

    Not to take away at all from what you shared, but the story is way beyond the pictures,.

    • Thanks, the pictures were fun to take. I really like your idea of retracing my steps when there isn’t any snow. Hopefully sooner than later 🙂

      It’s interesting you quibble because I think I choose that title because pictures don’t tell the story, but are simply a tool to help sometime tell a story. I really like your comment about stories being the way people connect with people. The space in between.

      I’ll try another go soon, before the storytelling topic ends, because I may have feel short on what etmooc was looking for. Lucky this course isn’t graded, ha ha.

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