A story with perspective… in time

There are many ways to tell a story.  One such way is to use time in telling a story.  We are all familiar with time even though for some it moves extremely faster and for others incredibly slow.  Time is something we use to connect with other people.  We carry time on our wrists or with our phones, we mark future times in our calendars and we remember our favorite moments in time for as long as possible.  The clip below shows the passage of time and how ones routine fleeting moment can have a different perspective depending on time. 

One thought on “A story with perspective… in time

  1. I really enjoyed this video–the technique of using the tram/bus/train or whatever it is in the middle of the different views on the same scene works really well. It reminded me of when I used to get out from the parking garage at my university each day and spend a few moments looking out over the ocean and the mountains behind it, and how it was a beautiful sight no matter how much it changed from day to day.

    Now I live on campus and don’t go to that parking garage, and don’t go look at that particular view anymore. I should. It was an inspiring view each day, and I do remember it often being the best part of my day.

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