A Take of Digital Literacies…

The talk over the past two weeks about digital literacies have been the heaviest topics discussed so far or at least they have been for me. I’ve had to spend a little more time thinking about what digital literacies means, so I decided to try something new. This is officially my first vlob post. I probably won’t share how many takes it took me to record, however I will tell you that these ideas and visuals have been bouncing around my head for a while now… enjoy.

4 thoughts on “A Take of Digital Literacies…

  1. What a great first vlog! I’m still working up to doing my own and so it is interesting to see others’ first steps. This didn’t look like a first step though. Having the different screens open as well as your video was really effective in holding interest, not that you wouldn’t have been interesting without them! You had obviously done quite a bit of preparation. Did you do a storyboard? And how did you record the desktop with the different screens – is that an Apple thing?

    I look forward to seeing/hearing more from you!

    • My “first vlog” comment might have been a little misleading. My professional career is with video, so I’ve created a handful of videos in my day. However, I am rarely in-front of the camera talking and speaking my mind. Extremely nerve racking.

      Yes, I created a storyboard for this vlog post and the iOS spaces were a nature built in structure to make my points. Glad I was able to keep your attention because 6 minutes feels like a long video for the internet. Plus, the ideas of digital literacies have been bouncing around my hand for a couple weeks now, so the storyboard was constantly changing.

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